SAFE BIOREFINERY: Monitoring impacts of new algae-based biorefinery

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Compulsory questions

This questionnaire aims to define the most common types of production systems adopted worldwide for microalgae production and to assess and evaluate major risks for the environment and workers health.

Over a hundred factories and plants have been selected to take part in this survey as specialists in the cultivation of microalgae at large scale and their use for various products and bioremediation. It will take only ten minutes, twenty questions will be submitted to you ranging from plant set up and management to health and safety. Your contribution will be essential to draft a risk assessment procedure and mitigation measures for microalgae biorefinery plants and to provide a simplified tool for the calculation of environmental impacts and workers risks.

This questionnaire is addressed to a staff member with deep knowledge of the plant working condition, health and safety standards and regulations put in place.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will also be able to join our mailing list. Here, we will keep you updated on the results of this survey, news and follow-ups of the project.

Compulsory questions